Barbara Jago

Agent:  Conrad Williams

Biography: Award-winning film and TV scriptwriter with more than 30 television and feature films to her credit, working mainly in Germany.

Born in Liverpool.  Trained as a classical dancer by the Liverpool Theatre School and at the age of fifteen danced on stage with Margot Fonteyn. She worked as a professional dancer for the Tom Arnold company.   At 21, Barbara became an airline stewardess and saw a lot of the world.  At 24 she married, had a son and step daughter.

Barbara worked as an extra on numerous television shows and also owned and ran a successful promotions agency in Manchester.

Before becoming a full time screenwriter Barbara worked at various things including working as a private detective.  She has also worked with a company that specialized in company takeovers.

Recent credits:

  • TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES (TV film for Wasabi Films)
  • DOMINA (TV film for 24 Frames)
  • MY DEAD HUSBAND WANTS A DIVORCE (TV film for Neue Bioskop)
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT (Maran Films)
  • THE KID (Maran Films)
  • DEATH IN WANNSEE (Wasabii film)
  • THAI STORY (Antares Film GmbH)
  • OUTBACK (Wasabi Film)

Produced films:

  • AFTER LIFE/KEIN GEIST FUR ALLE FALLE (2010. Cinecentrum/Sat1)
  • CAUGHT IN THE WEB/KLICK INS HERZ (2009. Antares Media/Sat1)
  • CRAZY FOR YOU/40 SUCHT NEUE LIEBE (2008. 90 min TV film for Endemol/ZDF)
  • EIN DATE FURS LEBEN (2008. Antares. ZDF starring Uwe Hochsenknecht, Julian Stinshoff)
  • DREAMS OF HAPPINESS (2007. 90 min film for Maran Films / ARD)
  • KATRINA/WENN LIEBE DOCH SO EINFACH WAR (2007. 90 min TV film for Studio Hamburg/Sat 1 starring Yvonne Catterfeld)
  • STORMS OVER AFRICA/STURME IN AFRIKA (2007. 90 min TV film for Maran Films/ARD starring Katja Flint)
  • THE FAMILIEN SCHREK (2006. Stream Film, Sat1)
  • SAYONARA TOKYO (2005. 90 min TV film for Crossing Pictures / Sat1)
  • BABY YOU'RE MINE (BETTGEFLUSTER  and BABYGLUCK) (2004. TV movie for Stream Films / Sat1. Winner German Film Festival Audience Award for Best Film)
  • KOMMISSARIN LUK1AS II / III (2004. Two 90 min films for Olga Films / ZDF starring Ulrike Kriener)
  • KOMMISSARIN LUKAS I (2003. Series written and created by Barbara Jago 2003. 90 min TV movie for Olga Film / ZDF. Starring Ulrike Kriene)
  • SANTA - OVERBOARD (2003. TV movie script for Mediafond1 / Sat 1. Starring Aglaia Szyszkowitz: Heino Ferch)
  • ZWEI AFFAEREN UND EIN HOCKZEIT (2002. TV movie script for Zeitsprung / ZDF. Starring Katja Flint and Axel Milberg)
  • THE POET (2002. A theatrical release feature film rewrite for Film Line, Germany. Starring Dougray Scott)
  • TWO WEEKS IN PARADISE (2000. Allmedia Films)
  • RENDEZVOUS MIT DEM TEUFEl (1998. A TV film thriller for Olga / Pro Sieben. Starring Heinz Hoenig and Jasmin Tabatabai. Production Autumn 1998)
  • FLOWERS FOR THE BRIDE (1998. Feature film for Visuelle / Pro Sieben, Germany)
  • BUSEN FREUNDE II (1998. A 90-minute comedy film for Pro Sieben / Olga, Germany.  Starring Ulrich Noether, Christiane Hörbiger and Aglaia Szyszkowitz. TX. Winner Best Screenplay Bayerische Fernsehpreis 1999)
  • FOUR FOR VENICE (2 MÄNNER, 2 FRAUEN, 4 PROBLEME) (1996. Co-writer for 90‑minute comedy film for Olga Films / Pro 7. Cinema premiere: 3 March 1998. Director: Vivian Naefe. Starring Aglaia Szyszkowitz. Released in London: December 1998 in German Film Festival)
  • 90 minute TV film adaptation of Maeve Haran's SCENES FROM THE SEX WAR for Pro 7 / Claussen & Wobke: Produced as LIEBLING, VERGISS NICHT DIE ROTEN SOCKEN, 1996, TX: 1998
  • BUSEN FREUNDE (1996. A 90 minute comedy film for Olga Films / Pro 7. NOMINATED for 1997 Telestar Award)
  • FLAME (1993. Feature film screenplay for Zimmedia, Zimbabwe. Produced 1994. Won:

·         Southern African Film Festival, Harare OAU Prize - Best Film. Jury Award - Best Actress.  Jury Award - Best Director
·         Journées de Cinématographe de Carthage, Tunis Special Jury Prize - Best Film
·         Amiens Film Festival, Amiens, France Prix du Public - Best Film. Palmares du Jury - Best Actress. OCIC Award - Best Film
·         M-Net Film Awards, Cape Town Best Music.
·         The Annonay International Film Festival, France The Grand Prix - Best Film
·         The Milan African Film Festival  Premio del Pubblico (The Public Prize). Concorso Lungometraggi - Migliore Opera Prima (Best First Film)
·         The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, New York The Nestor Almendros Prize
·         The International Women's Film Festival in Turenne (1998) The Jury Award for Best Film. The Youth Award for Best Feature Film

  • GREEN HENRY (1992. Co-writer. Feature. Condor Productions, Switzerland. Presented at Cannes Film Festival, May 1993)
  • FARENDJ (1989. Co-writer. Feature film script for River Films, France. Starring Tim Roth. Prize winner at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival)